Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boys, boys, boys...

Your father and I are very disappointed.

What's all this fighting about? Does it really matter who's a hipster or who finger-banged a minor last weekend at Coney Island? Of course not. The point is, we need to let bygones be bygones.

We have soiled the waters of the lagoon of peace.

Now, I never finished Lolita. I was really enjoying it but then I remembered that I have the attention span of a bored llama except when reading Stephen King. So I stopped reading it. I regret this and I really will go back and finish reading it at some point. But until I do, let me be the completely uninformed arbiter here.

Hipsters are terrible.

Lolita is delightful.

Tastykakes are disgusting.

Mental health conferences are interesting.

Furrie-themed erotica is disturbing, yet arousing.

My penis is semi-erect.

Keep up the good work.

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