Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One plug and that's all

Anyone living in the NYC Metropolitan area (or anyone willing to journey far journeys in the name of dried-meat-related festivities), must come to my beef jerky company's LAUNCH PARTY on Wednesday, June 30th to celebrate the jerky revolution we're about to unleash on the hungry masses. Raffles, live music, DJ's, gift-prizes, and of course, there WILL be fresh-cooked SlantShack Jerky as far as the eye can see...plus cheap, sweet, copious alcohol!

SlantShack Jerky Launch Party
Starring SlantShack Jerky, and Featuring Special Guest Performances by ???!
Brooklyn Fireproof East

119 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY (Take the L to Morgan, walk one block. It's warm out. You can do it!)
Wednesday, June 30, 8pm - late
21+ ONLY (sorry kids...)

Be there. Hipsters are forbidden by popular demand.


  1. The last jerky party I attended was limited to myself and a VHS copy of Basic Instinct, so I will be there.

    /loves SlantShack jerky
    //used to live off the DeKalb L

  2. That's a lie. You attended a jerky party with me, a bottle of scotch, the hateful memories of bag making and a 64 oz. bottle of lotion.

    /will also be there
    //never ventures off Manhattan Island