Friday, June 25, 2010

Hold the baby-mayo

Today I ate a pastrami sandwich so good that I was sure it was made of a royal family's newborn. I looked up the possible royal family babies it could have been, and I settled on HH Prince Sverre Magnus. He's five, which means his flesh would have been far too lean to taste that good. So I assumed it had to be Princess Eleanor. So much eel leg baby fat.


  1. bro.
    just tried to google the video of the creepy girl with the wobbly legs, right?
    first item in google's results:
    "Creepy Sex For Little Girls"
    the excerpt described something about a "minuscule amount of blood trickling down..."

    is it my fault?

  2. if this sleepover has taught me anything, its that internet is a window into one's subconscious. its nothing to be ashamed of.