Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dad's(') Home!

"I don't get it. It's like a blog?"
"No. It is a blog. Where am I losing you?"
"So they just post something, anything, every day?"
"Yes, you witch."
"...I definitely don't get it. How is that different or interesting?"
"There isn't any intention of being different or interesting. It's a challenge, a feat, a daily struggle. This is some of the Sleeping Centaurs' greatest work: simple, elegant, unrecognized. Look, I really don't have time to discu-"
"So it's a journal, except you can post random stuff. I still don't see anything cool about that. Certainly nothing challenging. Do they write about battling basilisks?"
"It's NOT a journal. And of course it's challenging; I mean, not like my morning workout challenging but...see the varied topics? The strange deliveries? The humor!? Most of their focus in posting is an attempt to get laughs. Most of this is accomplished by cleverly weaving parody and reference and hyperbole. Most of it is obviously over your tiny, stupid head. Seriously, I'm late. I have to return some video tapes. Here's my card, just call me if you want to get together later. I know a nice restaurant...not everybody can get reservations, but I happen to know some peop-"
"Hm. Nice card. You should check out mine. Just got it from the shop down the abbey."

"Oh. Oh yes. It's. It's great. Do you like Huey Lewis & The News?"

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  1. The tasteful thickness of it. My god, is that a watermark of Emma Watson?

    /tries to explain references to someone
    ///chases them with a chainsaw, naked