Sunday, July 28, 2013

This torch is awfully sticky...

My god, what's happened to this place? Posts! posts as far as the eye can see!

Well as you can see, your good friend Poop Snacks is back. It's been a few years, but don't you worry, I think you'll find not much has changed. I'm still incredibly tech-savvy, still a god-like figure to my two cats, and still possess that devilish taste for satire you surely quickly forgot.

Sadly, some things have changed. As the late, great Bea Arthur has taught us, time makes us unbearably ugly and our children rich off our labor. Unsightly I've most certainly become: three years of syphilitic face-blisters will do that to ya. My midnight webcamming has lost all followers. As for the children - well, I did get married (hence the name change). No progeny have been detected in my wife as of late. But fear not, dear readers: you will be the first to know when a little fleshy blessing, descended from my testicle, enters this world.

What else? Well, life has been filled with surprises. I saw Bob Saget in concert. Umm. I found out he was Jewish (he told us).  I also learned he plays the guitar. Let's see...Oh, I went to a hockey game and sat really, really close. Like, next to a AP photographer. There's a comment section below if you want to hear how I got the tickets. Suffice it to say, I got them from a little fellow I like to call My Dad.

I suppose that's about enough catching up for one post. Coming to you live from a nearby desk-chair, this is Mr. Doug typing, Goodnight.