Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are You Not Entertained?

Hello, Centaurs. Let us face a few facts - as men, and as horses.

This once-great blog has been reduced to something akin to the Jundland Wastes.

Time, life, obligation, wandering interest - all foils to our noble endeavour.

To paraphrase the late, great, Jack Napier: "You've changed things."

Blazers do this as well.

What is to become of this barren landscape in its postlapsarian days?

Pheewrap knows.

I will tend to it, as a lazy gardener tends to a drying patch of forgotten glories.

Weeds will grow. Sharp edges will soften. The vibrant blooms and verdant greens of the halcyon days will not be quite so lush.

But there will be life.

Oh, yes. There will be life...

Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Do you suffer from depression? Well, if you don’t, you probably should, because the world is an ugly, violent place - and the only people who can’t see it are idiots and the blind. And believe me, brothers and sisters, blind people can smell how bad it is out there..."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Phoodie Phriday

Excerpt from

For the 46 days of Lent, J. Wilson is forgoing solid food and only drinking beer and water - just as Bavarian monks did hundreds of years ago. Wilson is a husband, father, newspaper editor and beer enthusiast. The 38-year-old is the proprietor of the beer blog brewvana, where the motto is, "An ideal condition of harmony, beer and joy." "That pretty much sums up our lifestyle," Wilson told CNN.

He is practicing a Lenten fast with Christians throughout the centuries who typically give something up from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday (April 24 this year) to remind them of the sacrifice they believe Jesus made on the cross for them. Typically, Christians give up something such as alcohol or sweets.

Wilson knows his sacrifice is bit extreme. He said his wife, Michelle, has been completely supportive. In his experiments as a home brewer in Iowa, he said Michelle "puts up with a yeast blow up on the ceiling." There are doctor's visits during the fast, and he did copious research before he began. He even bulked up beforehand, knowing he would lose weight. "I wasn't running into this half-cocked," he said. "I didn't wake up on Ash Wednesday and think, 'Wow this would be a great idea.'"

It helps that his boss at the Adams County Free Press is on board, because he keeps a keg at the office. Each morning, Wilson pours himself a 12-ounce Illuminator Doppelbock for breakfast. Then another at lunch, a 3:15 p.m. snack and finally a beer around 7:15 p.m., once he is home and settled in with the family. Each beer has about 288 calories and is about 6.7% alcohol he said.

The hunger stopped during the first week, he said, and he has no designs to break his fast. "No question, I'd have to get hit by a bus to stop." From here on out he said it would be, "just an exercise in discipline."

Suggested pairing: Baked Eggs

Thursday, April 14, 2011

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