Thursday, June 24, 2010


-Slap me. I said SLAP me. Call me a duck breast. I'm a perfectly cooked duck breast.

-You're all pink.

-You can eat poultry rare, I read it. It's not like the fifties. Feel that layer of fat? I'm a lazy duck breast, aren't I?

-No, I mean you're really pink.

-Pair me. I go well -- HEY! watch it.

-Well put down the tea.

-I'm busy pairing myself.

-What the hell...

-Mango Salad. Tennis. I go great after a game of tennis.

-I think you should see a doctor. It's all bubbly and raised.

-You should really take me off the heat.

-How did this happen?

-I am the hunted. You: the hunter.

/slips on mouth noise, drools

-Oh God.

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