Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woohoo!! We're Not Dead!!

Well, alright then.

Is it on? It is?

Are we dead? We're NOT?!?! WOOOHOOO! Physicist handjobs for everyone!


Soooooo. Anyone see any good movies this weekend? What? I mean, we turned it on, the world didn't spontaneously compress into a singularity, seems like a pretty good result. Let's say we call it a day. I'm tired, you're tired. We've all been under a lot of stress with this thing. What do you say we knock off a little early. Grab a couple of beers? Head into town, pick up some multi-lingual, pleasantly neutral Swiss women?


We have to watch this thing cause invisible reactions? For HOW LONG? Oh boy. I didn't get into physics for the incremental progress and carefully tested hypotheses. I got into physics for the fast particles and faster women. "Hey baby, ever seen a Higgs boson?" And now, after all this time, we finally got this thing turned on, and now we just sit around collecting data?


/sits in chair
//pushes glasses onto nose
///begins snacking


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