Monday, March 22, 2010

Okay, That's Fucked Up

I caught wind of this by reading other blogs.

And it made me think of this:

So, in case you were too lazy to click on the link, the summary is this: in May of 2008, a Lebanese television personality was arrested for "sorcery" and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. Yes. SORCERY. He was in the country to go on a religious pilgrimage and he got arrested there. He hosts some television program where he "tells the future" and gives advice to people. Kind of like John Edward. Now, leaving aside all of the legal absurdity of the fact that this man has now been held by the religious authority in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, during which time he hasn't seen his family or anyone outside of the country, for doing something that isn't a crime in Lebanon. And leaving aside the fact that I'm certain that in the same case the United States would not allow one of their own citizens to rot in a Saudi jail, there is only one conclusion to be made here: DON'T FUCKING GO TO SAUDI ARABIA.

That is some Stone Age, medieval shit. What if you took out your iPhone and check GoogleMaps? Only God can see the whole world. So if you can look on the phone to divine your current location, well, that shit's just gotta be sorcery. If you say I'm just being culturally insensitive, you can go fuck yourself. This man is going to be put TO DEATH because of Saudi Arabia's backward-ass society. And it's not like this is a one-off occurrence. Google "cnn saudi arabia" and 90% of the hits you get are about some ridiculously oppressive punishment.

We went to war to topple the Taliban for 2 reasons:

1) They were harboring terrorists.

2) They are a fucked up backwards-ass oppressive regime. (Verbatim)

Which is funny since:

1) Many of the 9/11 planners and executors were Saudi Arabian

2) See Regime, Oppressive.

Man, it just gets my dander up. It enflames my ire. And my bowels.

Does this count as hate-speech, you think? It's not exactly intentionally anti-Saudi; it's anti-Saudi, via anti-insanity and tyranny.

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