Friday, April 30, 2010

Wait-is that? Oh wow-Heyyyyy...

Geez! Tiffany! Oh my god! I can't believe I ran into you here. I mean, I know you liked estate sales, because we used to- well I just didn't expect to see you here! Any good finds today? No? Yeah no, you're right I have a feeling the family cleaned out all the good stuff before it went to auction too. But I mean- who wouldn't do the same right? Oh. Tiffany I'm so sorry about your mom. Yeah, I had heard from Quincy, but I just didn't know if you'd want to hear from me or not, so....what? No way! No I was not hiding behind this 20th century water torture cell! Avoi-AVOIDING?! That's ridiculous, Tiff! Oh, but wow, you look great. No, I don't think so. I don't see it. Really? Twelve pounds? Well...I don't see it. I know. I know. You try to lose a little weight and the first place you lose it is the horn. Remember that time you got stuck in the turnstile and we had to call the transit police from one of the little emergency phones? Uh. No, you're right, that was a weird thing to bring up. I'm sorry. Look, you really look dynamite though, I'm glad to see you. Me? I'm fine you know, just kind of doing my thing. What? Well yeah, I'm seeing someone a little bit but it's not too seri-oh. Oh Tiffany. C'mon, you can't cry here. I'm sure you're seeing people. Wha-? Well then it's only a matter of time, a great girl like you. I see that. I know, I didn't think you needed the heart-shape hoofjob, but if it makes you more confident than who am I to say anything, they look great. So plush, so anatomically incorrect. No, you're right, actual heart shapes would have been creepy. So Tiff, there's a humidity-warped baby grand over there that I just have to check out...I'm gonna just-

*sprints away*

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