Friday, April 23, 2010


Sandy: Mommy?

Raquel: ...

Sandy: Why are those people looking at us?

Raquel: ...

Alan: (whispers in Sandy's ear)

Sandy: Ohhhhhhhh.

Raquel: I'm not even sure you're my children.

Sandy: We do all look the same.

Raquel: Fair enough.

Sandy: /sighs

Raquel: This is boring.

Sandy: Want to play a game?

Raquel: No. Not really. Most of my energy is sapped from foraging for food and escaping from predators.

Sandy: Oh. Okay.

Alan: (whispers in Sandy's ear)

Raquel: OH FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST TALK OUTLOUD. Mommy's had a long day or subsistence living and finding food for you and she just wants a little peace and quiet. God, what I wouldn't give for a nice hot bath and a tall glass of Chardonnay.

Sandy: What's Chardonnay?

Raquel: I don't even know. I saw it on Sex and the City.

Sandy: ...

Raquel: It sucks being a meerkat.

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