Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"You Never Forget The First Time You Do It For Money."

But would I if I could?
Ha-ha! Why would I? How could I! Oh, and what creaks would form in the aftermath of forgetting! My personality might literally sever. And what would that do to the fabric of reality, not just for me but everyone around me!? Marty McFly, eat your slowly vanishing heart out. Not to mention the fact that we've completely overlooked the scientific improbability of this question ever being verified. "That's not how memory works," as a friend would say.
The truth is I remember it with a weird fondness. There seems to be an ever-dwindling well of shame from which fiery moments like these can be doused, so this one in particular retains some heated shimmer.
Also, I earned some much needed cash! $$$VALIDATION-VALIDATION$$$!
And what sweetens memory more than some pretty green, am I right?
No visible scarring. No significant loss or gain. No regrets.
What the fuck am I talking about.
I'll do it for you for free if you're the first one to guess correctly.

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