Thursday, May 27, 2010

Furry Fan Fiction Fun: Part One

It was late out. The day had grown late and my hunger to transform was late too.
After a hard day of working and holding back my hunger I knew it was almost time to reveal my true form and stretch out for an night of animal pleasures. It was almost time for the moon to get out from under the clouds and let me be what I really am. When I pulled into the driveway in my car I could almost taste how good it would feel to be myself once again, and that's when I saw Lunacrecia. Lunacrecia was one of the only poeple who knew my secret love-lust, but of course she wasn't really a person! I found Lunacrecia in a dumpster two years back when she was just a stray kitten and I was still uncomfortable about sharing my Werebear form with others. We were fast friends and she lived with me now but only as friends, even thought I knew I loved her.
"Hey Lunacrecia!" I said.
"Hey Robert!" she said. Her whiskers flickered up as she grinned up at me. "How was work?" she said.
"It was okay I guess. I really hate my boss he is such a jerk and he doesn't respect me, even when I tell him about brilliant ways to save the company thousands and thousands of dollars a year just by doing some simple recalculations on our networking systems. He's lucky I don't change into Werebear form and show him who's the real boss!" I said.
Lunacrecia laughed. "Ha-ha! You're right, no normal human could handle your true form." she said. And she was right.
I nodded and laughed too and we went inside our modest home.
After dinner, Lunacrecia was sitting on my lap and cleaning her paws while I was nervously reading the newspaper. She always called them "funny papers" and it always made me laugh hard. She looked beautiful in the light of the kitchen. I had changed the bulbs to the special energy saving kind not too long ago, and boy was I glad I did. She was gorgeous. I wanted nothing more then to tell her how I felt but I was too scared.
"Gorgeous." I said by accident. But it was too late.
"Hmmm?" she said. Her purring stopped and for a second I realized how her warm body made my lap feel like growing out of these man's clothes. Her eyes were so honest and perfect. One was gold, like the moon, and one was blue, like the ocean. Also she had an crescent moon birthmark on her back that made me love her even more.
"I uh I uh I uh-" I said. But I couldn't stop mumbling. She leaned up, her slinky body running up my chest, strong and thick even as a man, and licked my cheek.
"Out with it mister! You don't need to be shy we've been living together, and friends ever since you saved me from being a stray kitten two years ago and you can tell me everything!" she said. And that's when I knew I had to tell her right now or I might never have the guts, even in Werebear form.
"I love you, Lunacrecia. Your just so beautiful and perfect and I love everything about you. You don't even judge me or fear me when I'm a Werebear. I was just too chicken to say so earlier." I said. The confession lifted some of the weight off me, but now there was another weight there. And it wasn't just Lunacrecia on my chest!
What will she say now? What if she doesn't love me!
But than later she said she loved me too and has known about my feelings for some time which I should have known because her moon-powers give her telepathy too. She licked my nose a lot since we now both loved each other equally and could be honest lovers. I knew right then and their that we would consummate our love that night and finally be truly together. Lunacrecia was my forever gal-pal.
"It's almost time for the moon to rise and for me to transform." I said.
"I know." she said. "But here's something you didn't know and I kept a secret until I was truly in love with my one true sweetheart. I have a transformation as well."
And then the moon peeked through the cloudy night and I will never forget what happened next...

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