Friday, May 28, 2010

Furry Fan Fiction: Part Two

The gold moon shoned on Lunacrecia's gold eye and her blue eye too. Then her crescent moon birthmark on her back shined. As the moon shined over me my stomach grumbled and I felt the change coming hard. I closed my eyes and felt the fur growing out of my skin and my clothes tearing off. My teeth grew out and I roared like a lion.
We were both transforming together!
In a couple minutes I was roaring so loud that the glass windows shook. My muscles got huge and when the change stopped I howled softly and opened my dark eyes. Lunacrecia was no longer a little cat-girl, she was a cat-lady! She was almost my height in her new body when I was a man but now I was much taller and had to look down into her eyes. They were the same but, even prettier. Her fur was softer when I caressed her naked shoulder and she looked more like a human lady too. She purred but my body didn't shiver even though my brain did. As a Werebear I am too tough to shiver.
"We changed together!" she said.
"Yea." I said. "You look so different but your voice is the same!"
"It's cool, I know but I'm the same Lunacrecia as always." she said. That comforted me and I pulled her into a Werebear hug. My muscles earthquaked with new powers. I had to be careful not to crush here in my true body. When your a Werebear you've got to remember these things, it can be dangerous.
"Should we kiss?" I said. I was so excited when she leaned up on her back paws to touch noses. Then our cold wet noses touched and we smooched a long time. Then we shared tongues and I felt her fangs for the first time and her sandpaper tongue too. It was electricity!
We danced and kissed under the cloudless moon for a while and than I told her to follow me. As a Werebear I was very charming and cunning and knew just what to do when a beautiful cat-lady falls in love with you. She followed me into my bedroom where she would finally be my gal-pal forever.
"Ha-ha! My little kitty bed looks so silly because I'm transformed now!" she said. Boy, was she right and we laughed a lot. After that I sat her on the bed next to me and she put a hand on my furry and big chest. It made my hairs on my chest stand up and I was worried, she wouldn't like it but she did.
"Now that we love each other you know what comes next?" I said.
"Yes." she said. I nodded and leaned in to kiss her more and she took it.
We spent a long night wearing out our knees. It was perfect and just like a movie. Their was even lovely music playing in my head the hole time! After all that we laid next to each other and listened to each other growling lowly and talked too. About everything we talked, even my dumb boring life! But then Lunacrecia dropped a bombsshell on us both.
"Robert." she said.
"Yes Lunacrecia, my darling." I said.
"You have to know something." she said. She nipped my ear gently and I liked it but used the force of my Werebear strength to bring her face back to mine. I stared into her two-color eyes and used my will to make her continue.
"I'm too strong for you to change your mind. Now you've got to tell me, missy." I said. And she knew she had no choice.
"Robert, I uh I uh I-" she said.
"SPEAK!" I said. It was the roar of a thousand bears.
"You have to know this now that we're together forever. You were my first and only love and you saved my life two years ago and we just made our love true. I can feel it with my telepathy by the moonlight, so I know that this secret is true even though I just realized it a second ago. I'm pragnant..."

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