Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Death From Above

A hawk showed up at the pool today, did a couple of low-altitude passes, and scared the shit out of every living thing within the area.

"Oh, sorry. You pussies can't fly without the help of machines? That's pretty gay. What, this thing here? Just some tiny animal I was saving for later. Hold on;
"There we go. Nothing quite like the head of a recently peppy mammal to start the night strong. Yeah, yeah, I'm nocturnal. No biggie. These peepers right here?

"Binocular. Right, something else I do better than you. Didn't mean to rub it in...my apologies. I think I'm gonna drain this little guy of blood over there. Excuse me."


  1. Did the hawk drive a Lexus?

    /Needs not leave a deposit for this basketball.
    //Taking reins?
    ///Who's in charge here?