Friday, February 25, 2011

Worst. McDonalds. Ever

McDonalds Restaurant, San Diego Airport, San Diego, California.

At least four errors committed by the serving staff in the three minutes I was standing there waiting for my delicious, nutritious Double Cheeseburger and 6-Piece McNuggets for the bargain bottom price of $7.92. Airport pricing is bullshit.

These errors included:

- Mistaking an "apple juice" order for an "apple pie." (Though why the woman who ordered didn't just point to the apple juice is a wonder to me. Wasn't she curious as to why her apple juice was taking so long? Did she think they were fresh-squeezing it?)

- Mistaking a "double cheeseburger" ordered for "two McDoubles." (2... = 2.... except when it equals 4? THERE'S TOO MANY PATTIES!)

- Reading the order # "35" as "Three-Oh-Five." Loudly. Over and over again. Louder and louder. Shouting into the airport concourse. And then getting huffy when a gentleman walks over, from right next to the counter, to claim order number "thirty-five." (Though, again, why he didn't jump in sooner to inquire instead of letting them yell into the ether is beyond me.)

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