Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Is Just A Punk Rock Song

Take the 18 minutes and treat yourself. You've... you've earned it.

UPDATE: Okay. I just started watching this video and I actually had to close my eyes and just listen to the song. The person who made the video just cobbled together images of right wing things and then evil things (catch the cartoon "The Penguin"!) to make... some... point? It's so wonderful when stupid people go out of there way to make fun of other things for being stupid and end up coming off stupid themselves. I'm as liberal as the next theater-kid but videos like this are what makes me want to vote for Ron Paul, buy a shotgun and spend the next 15-30 years claiming my own personal secession from a mountaintop in Oregon.

/doesn't know where Oregon is
//doesn't know how to operate a shotgun
///would miss gummi bears and the Internet in a week

1 comment:

  1. I found the song far more offensive than the video.

    /no accounting for taste'd