Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Number Wine

I've decided that there are several kinds of "that guy" I want to be when I'm older. For one, I want to know how to change a tire. I like knowing that I know how to do this. I do not particularly like doing it, but I like knowing that I have done it in the past, and that I could do it again.

I also want to be the kind of "that guy" who just gives a case of wine to the establishment that helps him as a holiday gift. There is a "that guy" at my work, and without a note or any other kind of bullshit, a case of wine shows up and we are told to take a bottle home with us, happy holidays and courtesy of "that guy". Its just the kind of casual thoughtlessness to dropping a crate of booze on the under-appreciated that makes the gift so thoughtful. I envision a utopian future where I am dropping cases of wine like NATO food rations on the local deli, barbershop, and dry cleaner. There will be no need for cards or kind words. Just "hey, I brought this, and I brought more than enough for all of you, and take some, thanks, I've got other stops to make."

I also want to learn how to drive stick. I'm pretty sure you're not a man until you can at least drive a manual transmission car out of harm's way.

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