Friday, July 23, 2010

Back. To. Front.

It's just how I roll. Toilet-roll, that is.
Yes, the rumors are true. I wipe my butt-hole differently than you (everyone) do (does).
Want to wipe like Whofleck?
Step 1: After pooping, stand up.
Step 2: Get a folded length of TP.
Step 3: Bend over your knees, feet planted, as if trying to look behind and between your legs.
Step 4: Wipe from back to front.

Congratulations! If you aren't laughing or horrified right now, you are both
a) the owner of a clean asshole
b) a normal, healthy adult human

1 comment:

  1. Added benefit of wiping a la whofleck:

    seeing your results without TP obstruction. Good thinkin who. A+