Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fresh Air -- The Good Kind

You may have noticed my recent commitment to the topics of asses, anuses, poop, slimy poop, steam trains, fart noises, boogers, and lava balls. If you have, it's safe to say you also noticed my subconscious interest in covering scrotal tissue, the Lenape tribe's early struggles with Pthirus pubis, butt duds, glitter trends, the etymology of "scat", smoking babies, and the fascination with sandboxes. And although we've managed to touch upon Hamsters vs Pigeons vs Spiders, Roman Polanski, Thai Hookers, Malay Hookers, recyclablility and the 19th century, Isengard and the German Rite of Passage, and the oxford comma, we've been neglecting the proverbial elephant in the sleeping bag.

So today, my friends, I reveal to you, the hideous monster, that we all, refuse to acknowledge:

[unfortunately, the appropriate naked Judi dench photo could not be found. sorry for that]

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  1. paint me a nude judi dench.
    use this as a base: