Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is The Sun Burning?

Sure is, bro.
But let me get to the point: Sunshine. A delicious little Science-Fiction film which shows us mankind's attempt to restart our dying sun. Shrug off those petty scientific inaccuracies and join me on an adventure into the surreal!
I was privileged to see this film during it's theatrical run with Canadian Tuxedo, a fellow fan of similar movies. With only one exception (The Fountain), I have never seen a more horrific and emotionally torturous crafting of a first-person perspective of space and the bodies that reside inside it.
(lolSolaris is old)
I remember dreaming that night of walking barefoot on the surface of our sun. Gripping shit, bro.
Sure, stuff like surviving a short trip in the vacuum of space, bombs fueling a solar entity, or our sun dying anytime during the short lifespan of human history was silly, but not deafening. You truck through that shit, because John Murphy is a genius.

Bright lights, you retard.

Seriously, though; just finished a repeat viewing and the flick holds up. Y'all should check it out, even if only to get a beautiful eyeful of the best star ever up close and personal.
Yummy stuff, bro.


  1. Pinbacker will fuck you up.

    One of my favorite movies. No joke.

  2. yes!
    after jennifer's body i was sure i couldn't trust your tastes...

    /proved wrong'd
    "the waves make me feel peaceful."
    //just stardust