Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discipline: The Whofleck Matriarch's Driving Lesson

I didn't receive my driver's permit and license until I was eighteen.
This was a punishment.

My mother was upset because I was earning poor grades. I had expected, like many other teens, to grab up my permit after riding our planet for sixteen revolutions. This did not happen.

"No way, mister. If you want to drive you can go ahead and get better marks in school."
I'm not going to do that.
"Well then no driving for you."
But I work and swim daily. Letting me drive would alleviate a lot of the frustration you suffer from having to squire me about town.
"I'd rather put up with that then let you get away with screwing up your education."
But you're still going to drive me places. Wouldn't a more complete and effective punishment include some form of grounding?
So instead of actually punishing me, you are going to continue allowing the interruption of your life by my typically unnecessary travelling demands? Instead of earning yourself(s) some deserved relief, you will leave our weekly driving schedule in shifting tatters in an attempt to motivate my performance in school, even though I've already explained that it will have no effect?
I love you, Mom.
"Happy Birthday, son."

"You have got to get your license, I can't keep doing this!"

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