Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear Friends,

Some of you are out on the town, relishing the eve of the eve of eves, sucking up what is left of this passing year. Some are readying for sleep; faces to be washed, teeth to be brushed (and flossed!), and meticulous beds to be unmade. Some lay down with loved ones, and some alone. Some, even, are dreaming as I type...eyes fluttering against the shade of weary lids.
I, however, am restless. There are preparations I have put off far too long. In a few hours, I will ready my body for an excursion deep into that one city: so nice / named twice. I have planned a day of exploration; not only of the sights, but of friendship. I will discover. I will see and read, taste and smell, I will spend.
But for now, I toil. Packing, stacking, and double-checking. Laundry, sundry, and Who-flecking.
And before you know it, belly full of coffee and stomach churning, I will resemble a cousin of mine in the hasty throws of refueling a body bereft of sleep.

My only resolution:

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