Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mundane? Nay. Magnificent.

Let's think about this for a little while.

We'll build a room, a room in our home, and it's central feature will be this.

The room will be delicate in its decor, soothing, light in colour, perfumed.

The device will be designed to mold comfortably to an approximation of your haunches. This shape will vary broadly, but the design will bring comfort to all - regardless of weight, musculature, or bone placement.

We will fill it with water. The water will willingly and softly absorb your production, after which it will hover, gently. The smell will be muted, and the splendour of your water-birthed offering will remain until you choose the moment of separation.
Only when you are ready.
Only then.


It's that easy.
It's that........perfect.


  1. i think the part i like most about that post was the phrase "water-birthed offering"

    new euphemism anyone?

  2. I hadn't read in a few days, what with moving and my lack of internet. Upon my return, I am not disappointed.

    I want to make a Pheewrap-Pickle-Tuxedo sandwich.

    /only the second gayest thing I've thought in the last three minutes
    //actually more like the third gayest
    ///mmmmm... pickle tuxedo wrap.