Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Got Something to Put In You

Wednesday night found Pheewrap pulsating deep in the bowels of Northeast Philly.

Just to verify, Constant Reader, Northeast Philly is not a mildly overweight African-American roundheel with a trick jaw and a vial of painkillers. If it was, this post would be hell of a lot more interesting.

No, friends, by Northeast Philly, I mean Fishtown, and by Fishtown, I mean Johnny Brenda's, and by Johnny Brenda's, I mean none other than the Detroit superstars, Electric Six.

"This is my drummer. He's a professional drummer. He's going to do a great job for us tonight."
- Dick Valentine

Thus spoke the legendary frontman of this antiband, and from that point forward, joy was supplied in steady doses to a willing throng happy to indulge in a little-known ensemble playing in a dicey neighborhood on a school night. So what if E6 took the stage at 11:20PM? So what if lathered carney-types spent the night slipping on a beer-soaked floor to treat the surer-footed to a live interpretation of Faith No More's "Epic" fish-flop? It was just a good time, plain and simple.

What really matters is the role of E6 as it pertains to this, the longest of sleepovers. You see, it was Yah-Koab who brought Pheewrap and Canadian Tuxedo to the altar of The Six on a Bushwick Winter's Night many years ago. Through the futher merits of The Six, I came to know Whofleck, whose influence I carry with me through these posts.

The Six is the melange, you see.

The Six is the spice.

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