Thursday, September 30, 2010


A few years ago I started a band with three guys I work with. No one knows this... yet. Well they know The name of the band is BENTON. We are badass, so badass that we can put umlauts over consonants and nobody can say shit.

That's our logo up there. I designed it. Badass, right? The "O" has a beard. Fucking badass, man. Yeah, you can't say shit.

Anyway, we have an album. It's an EP. We haven't recorded it...yet. Actually, we haven't written the songs...yet. But that's the easy part, man. We already took care of the hard We decided on the track listing. Badass.

Track listing for the BENTON EP - to be released shortly after our eponymous debut album:

Raze and Matriculate
Space Bitch
Growing Season (bass solo)
The Bulging Seam

Guile and the Lesson Learned (bonus track exclusively available via iTunes)

Yeah... What's that? What did you say? That's right, nothing.

You can't say shit.

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  1. I was once a hopeless nerd- I wore my backpack with both straps over my shoulders. My pants were highwaters. I had a Members Only jacket; it was blue, pretty sweet all things considered, but still...

    Now I am a proud member of the juggernaut umlaut-powered machine that is BENTON. I don't even own a backpack anymore. Badass. My pants are actually too long now. Badass. And the jacket? Well, I'm saving it for later- they'll be back. Bad-ass.

    And you can't say shit.