Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Were You Listening to in Sixth Grade?

Somehow, it all came together recently. I am the unfortunate product of my early musical exposure.

Below, please find the album art. Yes, it's a near-naked whore straddling a giant pistol. Don't you fucking judge her.

Below that, the lyrical impression forged.

Mysogynist, misanthrope, miscreant...

I blame no one.

Instead, I credit L.A. GUNS.


Somewhere from another time
Asiatic death
Yellow fever bodies writhe
Sugar on my breath
Is this the final curtain
I don't believe what's happening
She hides behind a veil of tears
Plays upon my darkest fears yeah

She's Malaria

Swamp fever
Water black as mud
Strength fading
Demon hold
Hungry for my blood

So desperately I cling to life
Pain I know I must survive
I see the eyes I can't forget
Caught between this world and the next

She's Malaria

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  1. /clicks to play embedded youtube video

    "An error occurred, please try again later."

    /nods slowly