Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Open Letter to Whofleck

Well, Whofleck, here we are.

Over the past three months I've tried to coax you out with flattery, to smoke you out with homage, and more recently to point you out with open ended questions.

All failed attempts. So, I will just call you out instead.

I did this all for you. I did this all because of you. I put myself out there because I admired the way in which you took the baton and fought your way through 100 posts with nothing but lane lines and Poop Snacks to see you through, and I was inspired.

I was there for every vein. I was there for every lifeguarding story. When I read the darkmind posts I thought "Yeah, this guy, this guy gets it, man..."

Yesterday was the final insult.

You sat by my side for three hours at the gateway to the Neververse where it all began, and yet not a word was spoken about the journey we both undertook.

Nearly 100 posts.

Not a single comment from the man whose path I followed in good faith.

Don't you dare disgrace this work by weighing in now.

That time has passed.