Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Idea

Desperate for material, Pheewrap recruits a friendly female Korean coworker to help rustle up ideas for today's post:

Pheewrap: Loo Yeong, do you have a minute?

Loo Yeong: Of coulse, Peelap. How ah you?

Pheewrap: Loo Yeong, I need your help.

Loo Yeong: Ohhhhhh?

Pheewrap: I belong to a special club, where each day we write. Sometimes we write poetry, sometimes observations, sometimes nonsense. But today, I can think of nothing. I need your help to inspire me.

Loo Yeong: Ohhhhhh?

Pheewrap: What inspires me?

Loo Yeong: I do not know if I undelstand question. What inspiles me? Ol you?

Me, Loo Yeong. What inspires me.

Ohhhhhhh. Um........... Stadium?


Yes. Stadium. And cooking all of the food that you rike.

OK. Can you think of anything else I can do to find inspiration?

Yes. Just rook up at the sky........

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