Sunday, March 13, 2011

T-Rexes Aren't Known For Their Posture

This is moot.
He founded 4chan many years ago, and is currently championing a new site.
It is called and it is fun. It is essentially a real-time MSPaint session for editing images. He spoke about it during a keynote speech at a web-development conference below the Mason-Dixon Line, and I caught the whole thing in a stream. Unfortunately, infamous as he is, the presence of moot leaves something to be desired...he has terrible posture. Like, the worst posture ever. And he kept doing this shit with his hands as if he were rubbing them in malicious plotting or keeping the cold out like a rheumatic old woman. I thought he looked like a dinosaur.
So I captured a revealing screencap of him at his most T-Rex and posted it to

The following edits came in a storm:

My post is now the most popular post on
What I show you here is simply a taste of the 100+ edits that have since been born.
To put it lightly, friend:
I have reached my peak and been dethroned in a single sweep.
Just sign up for
You don't need me anymore.


  1. and it's users will never understand my need for MOAR VEINS

    The Whofleck brand of erroneous mspaint insanity can not be endangered, and as such we must launch "cha.os"

    Also, requiring a facebook account to sign up is fucking bush league

  2. it is only a requirement as a deterrent to trolls, the information held over your head by a select few in case you muddy the works.
    also, spell worse you troll.