Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Hazy Shade of Winter...through May 12th

Yep, there are two people who will post on this blog. We are like Simon and Garfunkel. Except talentless and twice as vain. We met as office temps, and we now love separately as free men. We are now friends with health benefits.

When I worked with DesperatePickle (*shudder*) we were constantly having to explain to other people that we were temporary. And since nothing really ever changes, the idea is that this blog is temporary. 100 days of uncompromising postage. We must each log in and post something, anything, for 100 days. I can only imagine how many abandoned blogs exist that have 9 days of 4-times a day posting followed bleakly by a sporadic "hey i haven't posted in a while lolz!" post 6 weeks later. Those untended wordgardens that served as blogs now haunt cyberspace like ghost ships, waiting for an unsuspecting salvage crew to stumble across them and be subsequently devoured by the posessed remains of long-dormant posts. Will you be our salvage crew? Will you rescue us? Do you like science fiction references? See you February 1st.


  1. I'm definitely the Garfunkel here. Balding, Jewish, no songwriting talent with a mediocre movie career. Although I'm more Paul Simon sized, so there's that...